The Rose is a South Korean independent rock band comprised of four talented members: singer and guitarist Woosung, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dojoon, bassist Jaehyeong, and drummer Hajoon. Renowned since their inception for their electrifying performances, The Rose quickly became one of the most sought-after Korean bands, delivering a series of critically acclaimed albums that resonated with fans worldwide. In 2019, three members of the group temporarily went on hiatus to fulfill their mandatory military obligations, while Woosung pursued a successful solo career, releasing captivating albums and embarking on sold-out world tours. In a moment of pure joy for their devoted fans, The Rose reunited during Woosung's concert in South Korea in 2022. This reunion paved the way for their first full-length album, "HEAL," inspired by the transformative power of music and the stories shared by their fans and themselves. "HEAL" rose to the fourth position on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, while the accompanying "HEAL Together World Tour" attracted over 90,000 attendees. Today, with their highly anticipated second full-length album, "DUAL," The Rose is taking their music to new heights. Building upon the emotional honesty and vulnerability presented in "HEAL," this latest album explores the profound concept of "balance." Seamlessly blending bright and dark elements, The Rose masterfully weaves emotions and sounds, capturing the dualistic essence that defines balance.


Tonight, for the first time, The Rose performed at its maximum capacity at the Zenith. The venue was packed to the brim and had been sold out for weeks. In terms of setup, the stage, shaped like a T, allowed the band to interact with the crowd at certain moments during the concert. Two large screens flanked each side of the stage, while a third large screen provided immersion during songs, displaying vibrant colors throughout the concert with variations of blue and red. The band's instruments (drums, bass, guitar, piano) were placed on a raised platform surrounded by stage lights, creating impressive lighting effects. (Similar setup to what can be seen in the "Wonder" music video). As for the sound, it was excellent, with no complaints. The Rose has reached another level technically for this tour: a large venue, numerous lighting effects, large screens, and confetti and ribbon projections adding to the spectacle!



At 8 p.m., the venue was packed to the brim, and the Black Roses were starting to get a bit restless, entertaining themselves with chants. Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyeong, and Hajoon elegantly took the stage, greeted by cheers from the audience. They picked up their instruments and started, enveloped in smoke, with "Eclipse" from their latest album "DUAL". The first thing that comes to mind is the sound quality of the tracks, and it's very pleasing to hear the instruments so distinctly. They quickly moved on to "Dawn" and "You're Beautiful" from "DUAL". Tonight, the spotlight will be on their latest album, "DUAL", with no less than 11 tracks played out of the 24 on the concert's setlist. "Shift" and "Lifeline" from the album "HEAL" were played consecutively, still with impeccable mastery and no wrong notes. Despite the extensive tour they've been on for weeks, the quality remains undiminished. Then it's time for "RED" from their eponymous album, as if to remind us that The Rose's career is not a recent development and contains some beautiful musical gems. They return to "DUAL" with "Nauseous" and "Back to Me", continuing to deliver their new baby with passion. "Back to Me" being the most popular track of their discography at the moment, it's undoubtedly the most dynamic and followed by the audience so far. "Yes" from "HEAL" is supremely enhanced by the synchronization of lights with the music notes. While "I.L.Y" is sung under the warmth of golden yellow lights, accompanied by the audience singing along to the chorus. "I.L.Y" is one of The Rose's very first songs, from their debut mini-album "The Rose", which still holds up well! A giant 3D hourglass adorns the central screen, a perfect illustration for the song "Time"! The track from "HEAL" is still as powerful live. For "Beauty and the Beast" and "Dusk", the group chose a sunrise landscape to accompany them. "Angel" from "DUAL" is the next track on this set-list, evoking beautiful emotions in the audience once again. The lyrics are projected on the screen, with beautiful purple and sometimes blue lights, resembling the Milky Way. For "Definition of Ugly Is" from "HEAL", black and white takes precedence. A bit of sweetness before the rhythm heats up with "Take Me Down", where the audience started screaming louder than ever, to the sound of guitars! Beautiful flashes were projected on the screens, adding even more rhythm to the track! For "Alive" from "DUAL", which quickly follows without discussion, without pause, a burst of smoke is projected on the last chorus, in perfect harmony with the lights themselves, synchronized with the enchanting guitar duo on stage.


Finally, the first ment (spoken segment) from the group, eagerly awaited by the audience: but before that, the Black Roses are stomping their feet, singing, and cheering on the four young men. Of course, the traditional "popopo" (7 Nation Army by White Stripes) is not forgotten. However, it's time to let the group speak. 

"First time for The Rose Show. We've been a band for 7 years now. We started in a small place in Hongdae in Korea. 20 people came to our first show. Half of them are now our friends. Thanks for taking the time to come to our show. Music is healing. We have this thing in common. We wanted to heal through music. To heal together. Music changes people, mood, mind, attitude. Music brings back memories and love. We do music. We just want to share good energy. Good Time. Together, guys."

"We have one song. This song is a big apology for those who need an apology. And the next song is called Sorry." A magnificent transition to "Sorry" (Void), which is always a deeply emotional moment at every The Rose concert. For "Cure" (HEAL), effects are projected from the stage! "She's in the Rain" is elevated by the light effects from the rotating spotlights around the group. The sound is particularly good on this track, where you can distinguish the voices and instruments very clearly. Special mention to the drum sound, which gives a real depth to the sound. Light effects via the rotating spotlights around the group, superb staging!

As the concert nears its end with "Sour" (HEAL), then the duo from "DUAL" (Cosmo and Wonder) where large confetti is projected once again. Naturally, the traditional group photo with the audience, and a final lap for Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyeong, and Hajoon who wave and throw roses to the fans, completing the loop!

"Guys, it was so magical. Thank you for this great journey. We'll be wherever you want, whenever you want."


Since 2018 (first show in France), The Rose has continued to grow before our eyes, all while maintaining the authenticity of their touching lyrics, which has been their hallmark. The four members of the group have nothing left to prove in terms of talent and precision, but they never cease to amaze us with each visit to the capital. Tonight, it was a packed Zenith that witnessed The Rose's transformation and consecration. And it was not disappointed, whether in terms of technical or musical aspects. The concert and the tour were a success in every way. See you soon and see you next year!

Thank you to LIVENATION France for the accreditation and their trust. And a big thank you to THE ROSE for this performance.

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group photo, poster tour : THE ROSE + TRANSPARENT ARTS + LIVENATION

Photos concert : K-Pop Concert Team