WayV – La Seine Musicale – 11 juin 2023 – Paris : WayV Fanmeeting Tour [Phantom]


WayV (Chinese: 威神V) will finally be coming to Paris for their fanmeeting tour! The tour first kicked off in Seoul this past February, then continued in Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta, and has an upcoming stop in Hong Kong and Singapore. MAGIC SOUND Entertainment is proud to present the Paris show on 11 June 2023 (Sunday), 8PM, at La Seine Musicale. WayV made their debut in China in January 2019 with the digital EP “The Vision”, and in the same year, won Best New Asian Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their continuous achievements made waves in the Chinese music industry, gaining them the reputation of an emerging and trendsetting Chinese group. The group’s first mini album, “Take Off – The 1st Mini Album” (2019) landed them at the top of the QQ Music chart, one of China’s most-used music streaming platforms. Their latest album release in December 2022, “Phantom – The 4th Mini Album” recorded the highest first-day sales for the group with 165,411 copies, surpassing the previous record set for their third mini-album “Kick Back” (2021). The “Phantom” album also topped multiple music charts around the world, ranking No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Album Charts in over 24 different regions, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, India, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and more. Recently on 6 May, the group surprised fans with the release of their first Japanese digital single, “Welcome To My Paradise” (2023), an alluring track that invites the listener to explore WayV’s world. The “2023 WayV Fanmeeting Tour [Phantom] in PARIS” will be attended by five members: KUN, TEN, XIAOJUN, HENDERY and YANGYANG, and they are looking forward to having a special and fun time with their fans, WayZenNi, through various performances, games, and talks.


The venue was 70% full with the usual hybrid setup: a standing area in the pit and seated sections in the stands. Despite not being in the Dome, the concert took place in the second hall, which is exceptional for its acoustics. The hall is elongated and quite dark, with prominent lighting focused towards the stage throughout the concert, accentuating the performances with a dominant red hue. The spacious pit allowed the audience to dance and move around without any issues. The large screen projected animated visuals during the songs and highlighted the fanmeeting VCRs. The venue is beautiful, modern, with good sound, albeit a bit too dark. Nonetheless, it remains a welcoming place both inside and outside the Seine Musicale.

Let's the show begin !

The second and final date of the European leg (following London) of this world tour, which started in Seoul on February 11th in Asia and was also broadcasted on the BEYOND platform. A fanmeeting, rather than a concert, this format allows an artist or group to be closest to their audience, engaging, having fun, and sharing anecdotes and content that fans greatly appreciate. On this hot Sunday in June, the scorching heat hangs over the Seine and Île Seguin, where the beautiful and recently established entertainment venue, La Seine Musicale, is located. Being familiar with groups from SM Entertainment (such as NCT, SUPERM, and more recently, RED VELVET), La Seine Musicale is now hosting WayV and its five members. Most VIPs arrived very early in the morning, some even extremely early, and had the advantage with their VIP pass of gaining early entry at 6 p.m. for the venue. Then, at 6:30 p.m., the rest of the audience entered the stands, preparing for the concert that started at 8 p.m. Lucky VIPs had the opportunity, at the end of the concert during the hi-bye session, to exchange a few words with the WayV members.

To set the ambiance, once the lights are dimmed, two songs are played in the background, with the lights fixed on the stage but without the group: "After Midnight" and "Bounce Back." The concert truly begins with "秘境 Kick Back" (from the Mini Album Vol. 3: Kick Back), and the group starts with infectious energy. From the first notes, the audience starts dancing, singing, and waving their NCT lightsticks! It's worth noting that Kun was sitting on a chair but delivered magnificent vocals as usual. He mentioned that he was still a bit weak but that singing was important to him. We then move on to "Try My Luck" (PHANTOM) with an enthusiastic TEN. The other four members, excluding Kun, gave it their all, taking the song to another level. After these first two songs, it's time for the first part of the fanmeeting: interactions with WayZenNies. One particularly well-received segment is "What's in my Bag," where the secrets hidden in the idols' bags are revealed. Of course, like any respectable idol, adorable kitten photos are shown on the screen, featuring TEN's cats. Fans who are accustomed to seeing them on social media can't help but find this segment heartwarming. There are also anecdotes about Paris, France, or tasting macarons. All the pleasant French clichés are shared by the group members, much to the delight of fans. Interestingly, although the entire segment seemed to revolve around TEN, the other members interacted and made the show dynamic. Each of them added their own remarks and jokes!


When it comes to a fanmeeting, special stages are a must, and WayV paid tribute to other groups from their agency, SM Entertainment, with three covers: "Illusion" by aespa, "Candy" (NCT Dream version), and "Sherlock" by SHINee. There was a short break to vote for the best cover, and the honor went to "Sherlock." Now it's time to continue the fanmeeting, but this time with the singing segment. "Broken Love" (时间拼图) from the PHANTOM album captivated the hearts of fans. WayV changes the repertoire with "Dream Launch" (梦想发射计划) from "The Vision," going back to their roots with a lively song that contrasts with the previous one, "Broken Love."

After a VCR, they move on to "Love Talk" from "Take Over the Moon," where the audience had the chance to participate and sing along. "Diamonds Only" (PHANTOM) takes the spotlight, and it's a very recent song that almost the entire audience knows, singing along to the chorus. The concert/fanmeeting highlights songs from the "PHANTOM" album, which is also the name of the tour! One of the most beloved tracks by WayZenNies is "月之迷" (Nectar) from "NCT RESONANCE"! Xiaojun delivered an amazing high note, delighting the fans. After these three outstanding performances, there's a "talk" break, with discussions, a capella interpretations, new anecdotes about their adventure in Europe—everything fans crave. The concert couldn't end without performing their latest single, which shares the tour's name: "PHANTOM." It was impeccable, and YangYang and Hendery gave it their all!


The last VCR was "We Go Nanana," taking us back to the preparations for the tour, which felt like a farewell. The encore brought tears to many eyes, and "Good Life" (PHANTOM) served as the closing remark. It was an explosive finale, filled with both energy and emotions.


This type of event format is highly appreciated and enjoyable, as it allows for unique interactions with the audience. WayV were charming and went above and beyond to please their WayZenNies. Skillfully alternating between impressive performances and playful moments, the group left a memorable experience for the fans, who are already hoping to see them again in France and Europe soon!



 After Midnight 

Bounce Back (PHANTOM)

秘境 Kick Back (Mini Album Vol. 3 : Kick Back)

Try My Luck (PHANTOM)



SPECIAL STAGE : Dance cover : Illusion (aespa), Candy (NCT Dream) & Sherlock (SHINee)

Broken Love (时间拼图) (PHANTOM)

Dream Launch 梦想发射计划 (The Vision)


Love Talk (Take Over the Moon)

Diamonds Only  (PHANTOM)

月之迷 Nectar (NCT RESONANCE)

Phantom (PHANTOM)

VCR (we go nanana)


Good Life (PHANTOM)

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Concert Photos : K-Pop Concert Media Team

Photo group : WayV Twitter