EVERGLOW is a six-member girl group formed by Yuehua Entertainment on March 21, 2019, consisting of members SIHYEON, E:U, MIA, ONDA, AISHA, and YIREN. The group debuted with their first single album, Arrival of Everglow, and its lead single track, “Bon Bon Chocolat”. Arrival of Everglow was met with immediate enthusiasm and public interest, debuting at number 6 on South Korea’s Gaon Chart and their track “Bon Bon Chocolate” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

In November 2023, EVERGLOW successfully completed their 2023 EVERGLOW US TOUR [ALL MY GIRLS]. Starting the show in New Haven, EVERGLOW held their U.S. tour in 10 cities; New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., St. Petersburg, Louisville, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Proceeding with their U.S. tour success, EVERGLOW is now ever more ready to meet “FOREVER” in their upcoming Europe tour.


January 23 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo

January 25 - Paris, France - Le Bataclan

January 27 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg

January 30 - London, UK - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

February 2 - Warsaw, Poland - Palladium

February 4 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys


We no longer need to introduce this venue on our website! It is one of the must-visit places for K-Pop artists! Here, for the EVERGLOW concert, nothing changes: excellent visibility, high-quality sound (special mention for the bass), beautiful light effects, and enough space for the group to perform their choreographies smoothly. Overall, a pleasant qualitative surprise that has successfully highlighted the group, their songs, all within a pleasant setting for the audience with the merch stand, enough space to move around, and a well-prepared VIP access (Hi-touch).


On this chilly Thursday in January, the audience patiently lined up to enter the iconic Bataclan venue, now a must-stop for K-Pop groups. EVERGLOW kicked off their world tour, making its way through Europe with no fewer than 6 dates! The 'ALL MY GIRLS' tour, named after their latest album, had already taken the 6 members to the USA last November. As the second stop of the European tour, Paris is always a special city, with each group's members dreaming of coming here one day. Dream fulfilled! The stage is set for the show, where many fans secured VIP passes to enjoy exclusive goodies and a Hi-touch session with the group after the concert!

The group starts off strong with "FIRST"! It's worth mentioning that the group's discography consists mostly of powerful and energetic tracks. "FIRST," from the mini-album "LAST MELODY," is a powerful opener! The group gives it their all on stage and seamlessly transitions to their latest hit, "SLAY!" "SLAY SLAY CRAZY SEXY COOL" echoes through the crowd as they chant the chorus, encouraging the group. No break, and it's "Pirate (Return of the Girl)." The first "MENT" of the evening (spoken segment) allows the group to interact with the audience and catch their breath a bit. And they're back with "Player" and then "NO LIE (reminiscence)." One thing is certain – the girls are giving everything! There's a very pleasant feeling that they are genuinely happy to be on stage and share their songs. The incredible energy is enhanced by flawless sound that brings the hits back to life. The bass and rhythm of each song elevate the atmosphere. A brief usual "MENT," and it's time for the cover section, starting with "Unholy" (Sam Smith and Kim Petras), a massive international hit of 2022, performed by E:U and Mia. Then, "Shout out to my ex" by Little Mix (ONDA, Yiren, Aisha & Si Hyeon), which fits so seamlessly into the 'All My Girl' tour. The third "MENT" concludes the cover segment, acting as a transition to "Don't Speak" from the album "Return of the Girl." The songs flow smoothly, quickly, with unwavering dynamism and strategically placed high notes. Next up is "Company," also from the same EP, making way for one of the most anticipated tracks by the audience: "DUN DUN" and its incredible choreography: "You are so dun dun!" The audience screams with all their might! The title track from the album "reminiscence" hasn't aged a bit and elevates the atmosphere even more!"


"After another brief "MENT," "Hush" and "Oh Ma Ma God" are performed in front of an unwavering audience that continues to cheer on their group. A notable detail for "Oh Ma Ma God" is that the girls start the performance sitting on stools! It's worth highlighting that the girls never let up, and the energy in the room remains undiminished. The setlist is well-balanced in this regard. Another "MENT" introduces the next segment: Dance covers! And it's a special K-pop edition featuring "Lovesicks Girls" by BLACKPINK, "Fast Forward" by Somi, "3D" by Jungkook, and a complete performance of "TOMBOY" by (G)I-dle! And what a success! The atmosphere reaches new heights! We are approaching the end of the concert, and more importantly, the climax, but before that: "Moon"! A mid-tempo track from "ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW," released in 2019. "Untouchable," a sweeter pop track from −77.82X−78.29, delights the audience. A short break before the grand finale, and a video with the audience.

From the first notes, the crowd ignites! It's time for "LA DI DA" (−77.82X−78.29), one of the group's biggest hits! "LA DI DA!" the crowd shouts, cheering on the 6 members of the group! The party isn't over as the transition is powerful with "ADIOS"! (HUSH), accompanied by powerful bass and dynamic choreography, the song takes on another dimension live! What a tour de force!


A K-Pop concert wouldn't be a true K-Pop concert without a fake ending and a real encore! Adorned in tour t-shirts and sweatshirts, the group performs 'Back Together' before taking a photo with the audience. A final 'MENT' before concluding with one of their iconic songs: 'Bon Bon Chocolat'! Sung in French in France, the perfect way to end! 'Bon Bon Chocolat' from 'ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW' is one of the beloved tracks of the audience, and what an atmosphere to wrap up! The girls bid farewell to the audience, leaving the stage with big smiles.


A group so enjoyable to watch on stage! A delightful surprise! Well-organized, high-quality set-list, interaction with the audience... This concert was a success! We would have loved even more people to cheer on the girls; we hope their career will leap and rebound even more with new releases! We highly recommend EVERGLOW live on stage!

Thank you to MyMusicTaste for the accreditation and their trust. Special thanks to Everglow for this performance. Stay tuned for MMT's tours and updates on SNS

Poster, group photo : Yuehua Entertainment + MyMusicTaste

Photos concert : K-Pop Concert Team