BamBam, an essential figure in the K-pop, hip-hop, and R&B scene, is finally embarking on his very first solo tour in Europe. As a distinguished member of the K-pop phenomenon GOT7, BamBam stands out for his multiple talents. His comforting voice, mesmerizing choreographies, and loving and caring personality are among the many reasons explaining his group's global popularity.

Driven by countless singles that have topped the charts, BamBam is one of the most renowned K-pop artists worldwide. To date, his music has been streamed over 500 million times across various platforms. All European K-pop fans are invited to join the celebration in March 2024! BamBam's THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52] promises to be an unmissable event for music enthusiasts, ensuring an immensely enjoyable entertainment experience.

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Ideally situated in the capital, just a stone's throw away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées, the Salle Pleyel is a beautifully renovated venue with a maximum capacity of over 2800 seats! Once a landmark for classical music, the venue is now open to all! And recently, K-Pop and Asian artists have found a home here, with acts like ODD EYE CIRCLE, FISH LEONG, STAYC, and tonight, BamBam!!

Tonight, the technical aspect was of high quality: effects and lighting played in the colors of the tour (red and black). Each song had its own tailored visuals adapted to the rhythm of the music. As for the sound, there were moments of heavy bass saturation, but it allowed for a true immersion in the artist's discography, especially on the more dynamic tracks (special mention for the "Encore"). The stage itself was large, with the Salle Pleyel screen projecting a VCR in the first part of the concert, followed by random colorful images/backgrounds during the songs. Otherwise, the [AREA 52] logo dominated most of the time.

Overall, it was well-executed, with good lighting effects, a well-utilized venue, and decent sound.


A powerful intro (Satellites) welcomes the audience who had been waiting for a little less than an hour (for VIPs) in the Salle Pleyel. And what an intro it was! Once the dance crew took their positions for Wheels Up, BamBam appeared, and the energy soared! With heavy bass, energetic choreography, and flags held high and waved proudly and warrior-like, the tone was set: BamBam and his dancers were going to give it their all for the next 1 hour and 30 minutes. Transitioning from being one of 7 talented singers (in GOT7) to a solo stage can be intimidating, but BamBam, with his 10 years of experience, was ready! Since September, the launch date of his tour in Seoul, he has shown his ease in commanding the stage alone. Needless to say, the show was going to be exceptional.

He then proceeded with Pandora (from the mini-album riBBon), still as powerful, with the dancers adding an incredible dimension to the stage performance. From the first notes, the audience recognized BamBam's latest hit: Sour & Sweet (from the album of the same name)! Everyone sang and danced along, the atmosphere was incredible. A quick greeting, and it was Ride or die (B) being performed, still with the dance troupe bringing formidable efficiency to the choreography. We catch our breath! A VCR is projected, showcasing the many facets of BamBam. The VCR allows for a brief pause, and the young singer returns, at the end of it, with only a microphone as his stage companion, contrasting with the first 4 performances of the concert. BamBam delivers a magnificent performance of Let's Dance (Sour & Sweet), bathed in beautiful blue light. Originally a duet with Seulgi of Red Velvet, tonight, Who Are You (B) will be danced with one of his female dancers. The duo's sensual and obvious chemistry captivates the audience, completely enamored by the performance. The first MENT (spoken segment) of the evening, amidst a few "popopopo" from the French audience, BamBam takes the time to interact with the fans: "Paris are you having fun? I'm BamBam of GOT7! Paris you got energy! I would like to thank everyone for my first solo concert in Paris! Let’s have some fun today, Thank you so much! Are you ready to party with me, Paris!" After explaining that he often comes to Paris for fashion shows (Louis Vuitton), but this is his first time for his solo, and that this is the start of the tour in Europe, the lights dim and the concert resumes with Take It Easy (Sour & Sweet). The screen behind BamBam projects beautiful blue-tinted images, like the sea. The performance is clear and sharp, BamBam masters his craft.


We return to the Sour & Sweet album with GHOST, performances flowing in a more subdued ambiance, contrasting with the concert's energetic start. Blues, softer lights, and a talented BamBam giving his all on stage. A brief pause for a MENT: "Paris are you having fun? I love the way you sing." He interacts with the audience: "You like me? In what way? A boy or a man? Are you friendzoning me right now? Who is your man? Jay B!". He enjoys the crowd's responses and appreciates mentioning his GOT7 comrades here and there. Next comes the number game. He draws numbers (corresponding to concert ticket holders), and the chosen ones have the privilege of taking a photo with him at the end of the concert. After thanking some fans, the concert resumes with TIPPY TOE (Sour & Sweet). The atmosphere picks up again, the dancers are back! Red lights are out! It's time for Air (riBBon), a sensual mid-tempo track, sung on stage, surrounded by the dance crew. We continue with a pleasant surprise: Angel, a Japanese song from the GOT7 era. BamBam mentions that this song has never been performed in Japan and it's one of the rare times it's performed live. "First time Angel makes it to Europe. It's a GOT7 Japanese song. You know I did Angel by myself next time I hope one day we can sing Angel with seven people!". Emotional moment in the crowd as they chant "GOT7 GOT7!" BamBam expresses his pride in performing in Bangkok, his hometown in Thailand, for the "encore," in front of 60,000 people: "60k people in a stadium, My dream come true, It’s your time to come to my hometown, If you go to Thailand you won’t never come back to Paris again!". "A little surprise to continue: Thank You, Come Again: a new single very hip-hop oriented, with lyrics projected in large red nuances on the screen behind BamBam. A break, for both BamBam and the audience: "I hate to say that but last song, This song is very important for me, Thank you for coming, I'm gonna be back in two months!" : riBBon (riBBon), the eagerly awaited song, is perfect to "conclude" the concert. BamBam, surrounded by all his dancers, delivers a fantastic performance. The fan chants, the bass, the lights, everything was pushed to the maximum to liven up the venue. BamBam leaves, and the crowd keeps calling for him again and again!


Of course, that wasn't the real end, and here he is again to sing Look so Fine (riBBon), wearing the tour T-shirt [AREA 52]. Beautiful lighting effects accompany the song. BamBam takes turns holding the French banner and then the flag, walking around the stage with them. He thanks the audience, accepts gifts from fans, and smiles throughout. A brief MENT: "Paris your food is delicious the ladies are sexy and men awesome too". Traditionally, it's time for photos with the dancers and the audience. For the end of the concert, BamBam has prepared a trio of GOT7 songs: Hard Carry, Lullaby, NANANA. Amidst water bottle showers, kaleidoscopic lights, and onstage frenzy, the concert's finale was upbeat! BamBam and his dancers bid farewell to the crowd, then disappear, ending the concert on this joyful note!


Embarking on a solo tour after a string of successes with his group (GOT7 in this case) is a significant gamble, but we can already acknowledge that BamBam has poured all his energy and heart into [AREA 52]. The presence of the dancers, the lighting effects, the setlist, all were of excellent quality. We appreciate the moments spent by BamBam interacting with the audience, not to mention the little nods to GOT7, showing how much his love for the group influences his career while still allowing him true creative freedom. He has promised to return in a few months, and we eagerly await him, whether for a fashion show or another concert!

Thank you to Onion Production and Abyss for the accreditation and their trust. And a special thank you to BamBam for this outstanding performance.

Tour Poster, group photo :  Onion Production & Abyss Company

Photos concert : K-Pop Concert Team