Named Man of the Year by GQ Korea and by Forbes Asia in the 30 Under 30, multifaceted musician, actor, and television personality Eric Nam is one of the most successful Korean-American figures of recent times, having built what GQ calls "one of the most diverse and entrepreneurial legacies in the K-Pop scene." With over 2.5 million monthly listeners and 4.4 million followers on Instagram, Eric has amassed over 1 billion streams on Spotify and has recently headlined a sold-out world tour, performing 59 headline concerts in 54 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, and Melbourne. In addition to music, Eric is the co-founder and creative director of DIVE Studios, the world's first AAPI and K-pop-focused media company, with several award-winning podcasts, and Mindset, a mental health and wellness platform for Generation Z audiences.


It was a delightful surprise that the technical aspect of this concert took place at the Bataclan, as has often been the case lately with Korean artists. Regarding the stage: a silhouette of a house with door and window, allowing Eric Nam to come and go, served as the backdrop, which was sufficient considering the rest of the stage setup mainly directed our attention between the performer and his team: 2 dancers, a drummer, and a guitarist! The rearrangement and live aspect of the songs brought real dynamism to the performance and an exceptionally authentic quality to each song. The lighting was exceptionally generous tonight! Beautiful lighting effects mesmerized us throughout the evening. A true highlight: whereas in many concerts this aspect is overlooked or reduced to a minimum, tonight it was stunningly beautiful. As for the sound, it was top-notch, at the high level that the venue can offer, with a great rendition of both vocals and instruments. We applaud Eric Nam's performance, which was entirely "live.


Eric Nam returns with a "robust" tour consisting of around twenty dates across Europe, including two consecutive nights in Paris, this friday evening and the following saturday at the Bataclan. House on a Hill, the name of the singer's latest album, treats us to over 7 tracks from this album, as well as a mix of old favorites beloved by fans and loyal followers. 

The concert kicks off at 8:50 PM, following an opening act by singer Alex Porat, who accompanies Eric Nam on his tour.

 Eric appears amidst a screen of smoke, through the door of the set, and begins with Sink or Swim (Album: House on a Hill), then seamlessly transitions into Undefined, almost as if to set the tone: presenting his new album live. Accompanied, as explained beforehand, by two talented dancers, a guitarist, and a drummer, Eric is a consummate showman! He takes a moment to greet the audience, as he always does on his tours, engaging freely and fluidly with the crowd. It's a very pleasant moment, where one can feel a genuine desire to share with the fans who have come out in large numbers. "Paris! Thank you! Are you feeling good? I miss you guys! It's almost two years, time flies, thank you!"

The concert continues with Any Other Way (There And Back Again), where the dynamism is palpable. The dance scenes are intense between Eric and his dancers. Next up: You're Sexy I'm Sexy (from Before We Begin) continues along the same lines. It's worth noting that the audience, diverse in age and profiles, is won over and knows the lyrics by heart. A bit of tenderness with Wildfire (There And Back Again), allowing the singer to demonstrate (as if there was any doubt!) his versatility and ability to captivate crowds with slower yet deeply meaningful tracks. ("my mama said that good things always take time"). A short Ment (or spoken segment) later, Eric launches into House on a Hill, a mid-tempo track with a joyful sentiment. We continue with the eponymous album, with a similar repertoire, featuring a rather laid-back, folk-styled track: Exist. We also encourage everyone to listen to all the tracks (via Spotify, or Eric Nam's YouTube channel, where he has uploaded the songs in "lyric" version).


"Paris, Yeah, are you feeling good ? My french is not good, i really want to be good ! thank you for singing along with me it was beautiful"

After a brief pause and exchange, we dive back into a track that steadily builds in power throughout its duration: Don't Leave Yet. It's one of those songs that brings a smile to your face because of how the music, with its rhythm changes, makes you want to dance. (We also recommend watching the music video, which confirms this impression!). In fact, Don't Leave Yet is a perfect song to introduce the next track: Paradise (Honestly), which seamlessly continues to elevate the atmosphere. The rearrangement and lighting effects add an electrifying dimension to the song.

A little chat to collect ourselves from the emotions, and Eric launches into I Wish I Wasn't Me (House on a Hill), a very calm piece that contrasts with the past 10 minutes. We stick with the folk tunes with Love Die Young (Before we Begin), which reflects the good balance of the setlist, stringing together songs cohesively from the artist's extensive discography. Another break to chat and spend a good ten minutes wishing "happy birthdays" to members of the audience! "Lindsay and other Sophie" had the pleasure of laughing at Eric's jokes (the room is full of noona!). Authenticity and humor shine through in this superbly crafted concert.

We kick off the final round with Echo (originally a collaboration between Eric, Armaan Malik, and DJ KSHMR), then Runaway (Before We Begin), ending with Honestly, one of the singer's most beloved tracks. Eric can't help but let us know that this is a "fake ending" to the concert and dashes off stage, leaving the audience clamoring for more!


And yes! The concert is obviously not over, and we move on to the ENCORE. We start with Only For a Moment (House on a Hill) and end with the aptly named Congratulations (Before We Begin). Eric warmly thanks the audience, some of whom will return tomorrow for the second Parisian date of this tour. Of course, we won't forget the traditional tour photo, taken earlier in the concert.


Eric Nam continues to delight us by stopping in Paris for each of his tours to present his new album. From a technical standpoint, it's one of the best concerts we've seen in this venue, as it made excellent use of the Bataclan's space. On stage, Eric was a complete artist. The setlist was perfectly balanced, skillfully alternating between gentleness and rhythm, with impeccable live vocals, engaging interaction with the audience, and to top it off, affordable prices. The experience was excellent. We highly recommend it for fans of pop/folk and a wholesome, good-spirited atmosphere, in a venue that's neither too small nor too large. Thank you, Eric Nam!

Big thank to LIVENATION France  for the accreditation and their trust. 

And of course, thank you to ERIC NAM for this outstanding performance. 

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