We're truly honored to have yet another esteemed K-Pop artist join us for a conversation, and we're eager to delve into Sorn's journey within the industry. We extend our sincere gratitude to Sorn for giving us this opportunity to delve into her experiences and musical endeavors : Fellow Thai friends, new single, european fans, She offers profound insights into her life and career.

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7 years of career in a group and almost 3 years solo since the release of "RUN"! Congratulations! How does it feel?

First of all thank you so much! Secondly, I feel super old. And thirdly I feel like time really flies! I didn’t even realize that it’s almost been 3 years. I really enjoyed every single step of this journey and I’m so blessed to have my supportive fans supporting everything I do. They’re honestly the people who push me to do better and be a better artist. It’s been a tough 3 years of experimenting with new sounds, traveling, soul-searching, and the dynamic changes of working as a solo artist but honestly I’ve learnt so much and I’m so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to keep doing what I love. 


Your single, 'Not a Friend,' resonates with so many people and captures both the positive and negative aspects of life. This is a true testament to your artistry as a singer who can authentically express both the ups and downs. Do you experience a sense of relief after expressing your emotions through this song?

I think I feel more proud of myself more than anything to have the courage to turn my personal story into a song. When I was in K-pop, we had no opportunity to express our personal stories into our songs for the group, but now I am able to do so and I’m so happy to hear that a lot of people not only like the song but also can relate to it too. I think it’s so important to be able to build a connection with your listeners through your music. It’s also so important to write a song about yourself that you can proudly sing to the audience. Not A Friend was like another challenge and a big step for me as an artist and I’m glad that I was able to birth this song for my fans to hear. I hope to be more personal and get a little deeper with my music with my fans in the future! 

On the contrary, your latest single 'cool' is lighter but also talks about emotions, specifically love and confession. Is this the direction of your future EP?

Right now I’m not so sure about what the overall mood of this whole EP will be but I really liked cool because it’s a vibe that I never did before, and I like showing different sides of me to my audience. I’ve released tracks from dark pop vibe to super vibrant confession songs. I think that for my first ever EP, I want to combine the sounds of what I’ve done the past 3 years together and release something that will give the audience a variety of sound to listen to within one EP. 

 Do you plan to sing overseas, in Festival? People (especially, here, in Europe) will be so glad to meet you and hear you singing live!

I would LOVE to visit Europe and perform there. I personally have never been to Europe before, but the love and support from my European fans have been super strong since day one. I would love to perform for them one day! I really want to get invited to perform at a festival there.


How do you perceive the evolution of your musical style, starting from 'RUN' in 2021, your debut solo single, to your recent release "cool" in February? Have you found your own genre, or do you consider each song to be a new discovery?

I think that I considered each song a new discovery for me. I know it’s not really typical for artists to constantly change their sound but I really enjoy working with different concepts for each songs. I would love to keep challenging myself before settling down on a genre which I’m still not sure myself what I like the most at the moment. 

What would you say to the little Sorn of 10 years old, knowing that she has achieved great things in his career?

“You’ve done well, thank you for not giving up”. This would be what I would say to myself. I’m really lucky to be able to discover what I really want to do at a really early age in life. I’m glad that that little girl knew what she wanted and had the courage to fight for her dreams. I’m also really proud of myself for pushing myself until today. Even when things were rough, I was able to push through all obstacles and create a career for myself.

Which artist (Korean, Thai, and/or international) would you like to do a collab with?

I would love to do a collab will all of my fellow Thai artist friends out there. Now that a lot of my friends are independent, I would love to find a project and work something out together with them. Also when the time is right, I still want to put all of the CLC members back together and I’m pretty sure that that would make not only us but the fans really happy too.


What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I usually like to stay at home, listen to music, watch YouTube, clean my house, play games, and just spend time alone. That’s usually my routine on my day off! If not I would visit my parents in Bangkok and spend time with them before I have to travel again because of my busy schedule.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

My favorite song at the moment will have to be ANY song by LANY. I’m super obsessed with them! 

What is your favourite Thai food?

My favorite Thai food is glass noodle salad or Tom yum goong.

In which country do you want to travel the most?

The country I wanted to travel to the most had always been America, especially LA. But now that I’m there so often, I think the next country would have to honestly be ANY country in Europe. I’ve heard so much good things about Europe!


K-Pop Concert team Arrives in Bangkok, Which place do you absolutely recommend? Restaurant, tourist spot, shop?

 I would recommend you guys visit ICON SIAM for the iconic view of the Chao Phraya River. If you like shopping, Chatuchak market is the place to go. You will be able to experience how the locals actually shop there, a great place to hang out! And if you guys are foodies you guys can visit any of the night market in Bangkok, the cheapest and the best food are all there.

Which Thai singer do you recommend?

 Of course I would recommend you guys check out all of my Thai K-pop line friends. You guys probably know who they are, I don’t think there’s much explanation needed here! Another local artist that I would recommend is my artist friend Jeff Satur. He’s a really talented singer and a really talented songwriter himself. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to understand him singing in Thai because he also sings in English!


Do you have any final words? 

I would like to say thank you as always for all the love and support everyone has been giving me from day one until now. I also hope that you guys are enjoying my latest single ‘cool’. I am working hard on my new EP, along with other exciting features coming up this year so please stay tuned! To all of my fans in Europe, I hope to be able to visit Europe for the first time and perform for all of you!


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