Following the release of their third mini-album, MY WORLD, via Warner Records, the K-Pop girl band aespa has today announced its first world tour, aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 'SYNK: HYPER LINE', featuring concerts in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Produced by Live Nation, this 14-city tour will kick off on August 13 at the Arena in Los Angeles, then make stops in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and Brooklyn, before heading to Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Germany, England, and France in September.

On this tour, aespa will perform songs from MY WORLD, including the fresh and energetic track "Spicy" and the precious and comforting "'Til' We Meet Again." With MY WORLD, aespa has surpassed its own record for first-week sales. The group will also showcase fan favorites like "Black Mamba," "Illusion," and many more! Fans can purchase MY WORLD HERE.

Their U.S. tour will also include performances at Governors Ball in June, where they will make history as the first K-Pop group to grace the festival stage, as well as at Outside Lands in August. Last year, aespa made its American festival debut at Coachella in Indio, California, where they performed on the main stage."

Le Dôme de Paris / Palais des Sports

A new addition to the 'K-Pop' venue circuit, the Palais des Sports at Porte de Versailles is a unique venue known for its configuration and acoustics. With a maximum capacity of 4600 seats (5000 according to other sources), the hall is round-shaped, providing an interesting view of the stage from all sides, and its height allows capturing every detail. A beautiful venue steeped in history, hosting numerous celebrities, sports events, and top-notch concerts over its 60 years of existence; it marked the first time a Korean group performed here.

In terms of brightness, the 3D effects and kaleidoscopic light displays gave an immersive feel, almost like stepping into the metaverse. Regarding sound, it was correct and balanced, although the soundtrack was occasionally a bit loud compared to the vocals. The stage is spacious, but there's no extension into the pit. Three large giant screens overlook the stage, creating a sense of immersion in the metaverse. A true player in this concert, the predominantly blue and purple lights are striking. Each song had its soundtrack reorchestrated to provide a musical depth and a new version of each track. A technically well-executed concert.

Let's the show begin !

The concert starts at 8:20 PM. Following an introduction showcasing SM Entertainment's capabilities to immerse us in aespa's Hyperlink through Naevis and the ae (avatars of the group members in the virtual world "Kangwya"), a beautiful VCR of the members is projected. After this high-quality introduction, "girls" resonates with a guitar solo by Winter in the middle of the song. Without further delay, the songs follow at a rapid pace where the audience is actively engaged: "aenergy," followed by "Savage," as a new VCR appears. The rather enigmatic videos depict a different world where aespa gradually realizes that a problem is affecting them, leading to the solo section. Yes, already the solos of each member! We begin with Karina and her exclusive solo "Menagerie," which delighted the fans. Already the end of the solos? They return as a foursome for "Illusion" and "Thirsty" in an atmosphere tinted with blue and pink. There's minimal interaction with the audience as the group continues to unfold its setlist, moving on to "Ludic Dream," where a table is placed on the stage. The girls perform around and on it, clearly establishing a staged setting. It's challenging to follow the construction of this concert as the VCRs alternate with solos, themselves interspersed with group performances, where the ae disappear, only to return sporadically without real logic.

Regardless, it's time for the first talk! The first genuine interaction with the audience: after an amusing moment where the order of speaking is determined by 'kababo' (rock-paper-scissors), Giselle takes the lead. As tradition dictates, a few words in French are slipped in here and there.

"Hello we are aespa."

Karina: ""It's just the beginning of the concert; I hope we're going to have a great time together. Hello, I'm Giselle, and I'm so happy to be in Paris, a city I adore. There are still many things to see tonight; we'll reveal them little by little. I hope you'll enjoy. Good evening, I'm... NingNing. We're finally in Paris for our concert, the last one of the tour. It's a very important day; we're thrilled to be with you, MY from Paris. Good evening, it's Winter. You know, my favorite city is Paris. I'm so happy to meet the MY from Paris. Thank you for filling this big venue for us. Have fun tonight!""

After lovely introductions, aespa attempts the rock-paper-scissors again to choose the lucky one responsible for explaining the title of the tour: "SYNK Hyper Line." Hyper Line is the space where aespa and the fans meet (in broad terms)."


"It's time to resume the concert with the ultra-famous 'Dream Come True' by S.E.S, almost a rite of passage at SM. Covering songs from senior groups is a way for junior groups to prove themselves. Released in 1998, the song, reorchestrated for the 'Station' project by SM, still sounds fantastic. Another VCR! Each girl has her own activity (guitar, cooking...), and a mix of reality/virtual is portrayed. Back to the solo! This time, it's Winter with a melancholic and serene song 'Lips,' unreleased and not present on any group release. Despite the simplicity and quality of the performance, between this slow song and the VCR, the pace has slowed down a bit.

We pick up again with 'Life is Too Short' (English version), where the girls are this time in schoolgirl outfits. No break, no respite. 'Welcome to My World,' a relatively calm piece compared to the rest of the group's songs, echoes in the hall. Then it's time for 'Don't Blink,' equally a ballad. Clearly, we've entered the mid-section of the concert. Despite the beautiful colors projected on the screens and the banners held high in the hall, the rhythm is slower. Halfway through the concert, and it's already the 4th VCR, introducing Giselle's solo 'Too Hot for You.' Elegant in a red dress perfectly matching the lighting effects. The audience re-energizes and cheers for the young woman. The 4 members are reunited for 'YEPPi YEPPi.' The transitions are very rapid, and sometimes one doesn't even realize that the song has changed, as 'Yoloo' is seamlessly followed without a pause! Fortunately, the iconic first notes of Tetris are played, and we recognize the soundtrack of the movie of the same name, titled 'Hold on Tight!' It's time for 'Spicy,' one of their most recent and acclaimed tracks.

'Paris, are you doing well? There's one more song, it's the most recent one we've released. Do you know which one? Better Thing, let's go.'

And we're back with 'Better Thing!' Indeed, the most recent track released by the group (as of the concert date in September 2023). Another VCR awaits us, cutting the atmosphere that struggled to be reignited. A bit of 'French touch' with the famous 'popopopo,' and NingNing (highly appreciated by the French audience) appears alone for her solo: 'WAKE UP!' The perfect title to revitalize the atmosphere in the hall. The 4 girls return to the stage for 'Salty & Sweet' with the 'ae' featuring prominently on the screens. We almost forgot they existed. You can feel that everything is poured into the end of the concert with 'NEXT LEVEL' and 'BLACK MAMBA,' probably the group's most popular songs, with choreographed movements appreciated by fans. And... Another VCR! A sort of behind-the-scenes (BTS) showing the filming of the VCRs seen throughout the concert. Before the encore, it's a game with the audience, where everyone has to dance a part of the choreography to the sounds of aespa, of course!


And here are aespa again, dressed in the tour T-shirts, with Winter wearing rabbit ears in addition. They sing 'Til' We Meet Again' with a lot of emotions. Another 'talk' with the group:

Giselle: Thank you for the encore! Our concert is coming to an end, and each of us will share our thoughts. If I start, I'm so happy to be in the city I love, to meet you and be with you. Thank you. The concert marks the end of the tour. I had an unforgettable time, and I'm happy. Being in Paris fills me with joy, being in the same space fills me with joy. I hope you're excited to see more of aespa, MY from Paris!

Winter: I think it was such an incredible day for me. Our first concert in Paris marks the end of our tour. I am happy and honored to share this moment with you, and as you know, we will make a comeback. We will come back with a song better than the last, and we hope you will welcome us warmly when we return. I love you.

NingNing: MY from Paris, thank you for coming to our last concert, for having fun with us. And I find that time flies by so quickly. It's already been two months since we've been on tour. The end came so fast. We really love Paris. If luck allows it in the future, we will come back for another concert. I love you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you again, and I wish you all happiness. And I hope you will enjoy our comebacks; we will see you again very soon.

Karina: MY from France, and what you wanted to see from me. We also wanted to have a concert with you; it fills us with joy. The members have already said everything. I don't know what to say now. It's the end of the concert; my head is all blank, like a blank page. I'm happy to be with you and have shared these moments with you. Hyperline is coming to an end, and I hope you have good memories, and we'll meet again soon.

'ICU' is sung and closes the concert. After greetings to the audience and the traditional stage photo, the concert comes to an end."


With such a rich discography and a devoted fan base, the group had everything to deliver an exceptional performance. Unfortunately, despite their good intentions and efforts, the four members seemed tired, and a lack of energy was evident. For their first appearance as part of a world tour, aespa fulfilled their contract: a filled venue and a happy audience. We hope they get some rest and come back for another tour!

"Thank you to LIVENATION France for the invitation and trust. Thank you to SM Entertainment. Find all their tours and news on Social Media

crédit poster , officials pictures: LIVENATION et SM Ent.

Photos salle : K-Pop Concert Team