oceanfromtheblue is one of those multi-genre artists who skillfully blend various influences simultaneously. With elements of pop, funk, alternative, and their unique sub-genre of R&B, oceanfromtheblue has cultivated a distinctive musical style. With six EPs released since 2018 and an album in 2023, their music has found its way into numerous editorial playlists and other relaxing music playlists, contributing to the growth of a substantial fan base.

Since 2022, oceanfromtheblue has formed a music group consisting of five members who play bass, guitar, drums, and synthesizer. Together, they have had the opportunity to participate in several music events, such as the "EBS SPACE Gonggam" and the "Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2022." The group has also performed on stage with GSoul in cities like Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.


The venue is just a stone's throw away from La Belleviloise! Located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, this venue with a maximum capacity of 500 seats welcomes artists of all kinds. An adjacent restaurant and bar add an extra touch of conviviality to the place! Formerly a leather goods workshop, hence its name, the venue has recently become a trendy spot in Paris, situated in a rapidly expanding neighborhood.

For this concert, which had the atmosphere of an intimate show, the venue was filled to about 75/80% capacity, leaving some space to move around. Overall, the sound quality was good, and the instruments were well-reproduced. The vocals were also impressive, with a high level of musicality. It was easy to pick out individual instruments just by listening, which is worth noting.

The subdued lighting, directed at the band, was sufficient. There were no gimmicks; we were there primarily for a vocal and musical performance, with no screens, confetti, or intense smoke effects. The focus was on the sound, and the delivery lived up to expectations.


On time, the group quickly took their positions at their instruments, testing a few chords before diving into the first track! It's difficult to pigeonhole oceanfromtheblue into a single musical genre, given the diversity of their style. The composer and lyricist, accompanied by a group of four musicians and a DJ, seamlessly transitions between R&B tracks, hip-hop beats, and even some very slow melodies. Their music is perfect for a chill listen at home, but on stage, the songs hit hard thanks to the charismatic lead singer, who puts in more than their fair share of energy. With their deep and velvety voice, oceanfromtheblue mesmerized the audience, who were clearly dedicated fans, as evidenced by the VIPs clustered at the front row with their phones trained on the singer, capturing every move.

As previously mentioned, their music leans towards hip-hop but doesn't forget some of the pop codes: shirt off, selfies with fans, and seductive glances exchanged - oceanfromtheblue knows how to please his audience. At certain moments, the ecstatic crowd was so loud that it almost drowned out the music, which was both amusing and impressive!

Regarding the setlist, it was well-balanced and never lacked energy. oceanfromtheblue has been incredibly prolific, releasing nearly an album per year, some consisting mostly of original tracks and others featuring big names in the Korean hip-hop scene. The spotlight shone on their two most recent EPs: the first simply titled 'oceanfromtheblue' and the latest one released shortly after, 'NEWRNBERA.'

The middle of the concert took an interesting turn with a showcase of the DJ's talent on tracks like 'AUTOMATIC' and 'MY SIDE,' some of which featured oceanfromtheblue as a collaborator.

During the encore, the same level of energy and enthusiasm prevailed to delight the fans! Although they took a step back to let oceanfromtheblue be the front performer who owned the stage, the live band didn't lag behind, showcasing undeniable talent, which deserves recognition.

In conclusion? Despite a very pronounced 'chill' vibe, the live performance infused a dynamic energy into the songs and breathed new life into tracks that pleasantly surprised in the live setting. It was a remarkable performance in a venue that was clearly won over by their cause!"



ICE CREAM (a-side: 90s kids never get old)

ICY GIRL (forward)

NECESSARY GIRL (b-side: 90s kids never get old)

SHERLOCK (Luv-fi 2020)

COME BACK HOME (oceanfromtheblue)

SCENT (oceanfromtheblue)







BREATH  (oceanfromtheblue)

PAST LIFE  (oceanfromtheblue)

CLOSE TO YOU  (oceanfromtheblue)

SUPER MARIO (Luv-fi 2018)

GIRL (a-side: 90s kids never get old)

Big thank to LIVENATION FRANCE for the accreditation and Trust.

Poster Crédit : LIVENATION

Concert Photos : K-Pop Concert Media Team