The K-Pop sensation DREAMCATCHER will be in Brussels on March 1, 2024. DREAMCATCHER, the internationally acclaimed K-pop girl group, will perform on March 1 at the Cirque Royale in Brussels as part of their "Dreamcatcher 2024 World Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors]". Tickets will go on sale from Friday, February 9 at 11:00 AM on greenhousetalent.com. DREAMCATCHER's recent comeback with their ninth mini-album, 'VillainS', not only marked the beginning of a series with an alternative universe theme but also achieved great success by topping the U.S. iTunes Worldwide Albums chart. The title track, "OOTD" (Outfit Of The Day), showcases a level of self-confidence that goes beyond mere narcissism and symbolizes the group's transformation into villains. "VillainS" also includes powerful tracks such as "Intro: This My Fashion," "Rising," "Shatter," and "We Are Young," each contributing to DREAMCATCHER's distinctive musical identity. Following the success of their "2022 DREAMCATCHER World Tour: [Apocalypse: Follow us]," with a highlight being a sold-out concert in Paris, the group is set to return to Europe. They will bring their electrifying stage presence and unique universe to Brussels on March 1. DREAMCATCHER's 2024 world tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans, with a blend of chart-topping hits and mesmerizing choreography.

Cirque Royal / Koninklijk Circus

"The Royal Circus of Brussels is a beautiful circular venue in the northern center of the capital of Europe. With a capacity of 2000 seats, including the high stands, the venue has the particularity of having a seated pit. Accustomed to comedians, the Cirque Royal hides its game well with a very good sound system and a stage large enough for a 7-member group like DREAMCATCHER. Speakers on either side of the stage, discreet but effective lighting effects, the configuration was classic but suited to group performances. The dome overlooking the room gave a dreamlike effect to the whole atmosphere. No confetti, no streamers, but an overall high-quality setup that enchanted the audience in the front rows, so close to the group that they could almost touch the stage with their fingertips."


DREAMCATCHER is back in Belgium after their performance in 2019 at the K-community festival! And what a comeback! Announced just 3 weeks before the date, this concert didn't seem planned, and many Belgians had opted for Paris instead. But tonight, the venue is almost full! As usual, the concert is followed by a meet and greet and group photo sessions for those who purchased the additional pass.

K-Pop Concert Team's note: Since the set-list of the concert is identical to the Parisian concert we covered here (link to article), we will focus on the few differences, as well as the group's "ments" (spoken segments). The photos, however, are exclusive to each report.


In terms of attire tonight, it was all black, black lace! The group has definitely regained energy and showmanship with Sua's recovery! She didn't hesitate to run across the stage to greet the Somnias. On stage, WE can note the group's strength, particularly in their synchronized choreography, especially on 'Shatter'. In this respect, the band is not stingy with comments on its own performances, and involves the audience in asking which genres they prefer. 

We just sang 'Shatter' and 'Déjà vu', was it good, Somnias? 

Siyeon: Some Somnias wanted these performances, the darker ones

Sua: What style of sensitivity do Somnias want? Those who like Fairytale raise your hand! Those who prefer Shatter and Déjà vu raise your hand! 

YooHyeon: Some Somnias like everything and others have preferences.

 Handong: To those who love all performances, thank you, whether they're bright or dark! 

The audience responded generously by raising their hands, ultimately agreeing: both bright and dark work very well. It's worth noting, since the pit was seated, the audience spent part of the concert standing, but for 'To. You', the group members asked the audience to sit down and enjoy the song. Everyone lit up their phones or lightsticks to create a pleasant and enveloping light, infusing an atmosphere of intimacy and softness in the room. Each member of the group, in their own way, shares intimate moments with the audience. Gahyeon: That was 'To you' and 'Lullaby', it's good to recharge emotions like that. YooHyeon: I really wanted to hear you!

Another intense moment of the tour: the much-awaited highlight of the evening, 'Silent Night' and its repeated 'endings', this time Belgium will have 4! DREAMCATCHER succeeds in transforming the Royal Circus into a giant clubbing venue. It's during this song that the lighting effects are most striking, excellent immersion work!


DREAMCATCHER is renowned for interacting with their audience, discussing, singing, and sharing their thoughts on the city they visit, or their relationship with Somnia (note: name of the fandom/fans). Here are some segments from the Brussels concert:

Gahyeon: We visited Belgium a bit yesterday, people are very proud of their beers! It's really hot here! But your cheers are super strong!

Jiu: Wow, that's awesome, you're the best! I didn't mention it earlier, but it rained this morning, but now, Somnia has chased away the bad weather. Don't catch a cold!

YooHyeon: Thank you for your patience, I will never forget this moment.

Dami: We tried to learn French and Dutch!

Handong: How are you? I'm glad Insomnia is having fun together!

Sua: It was great because I feel a little closer to you, Somnia. We are even closer as friends.

Gahyeon: It's our first time here (note: on tour) thank you all for coming to our concert. Brussels thank you all for coming to open the first page with Brussels I hope to see you again soon one day. I love you.

Sua: Wow, Insomnia, you're amazing today! I've been sick for the past few days so I'm a bit weak for today's performance! It's not perfect! Thanks for the support, Insomnia, I feel much better now! Somnia thank you for loving our performance tonight In this beautiful city and thank you for your invitation! Ouhouhou! Insomnia you are as strong as us (stronger) I love you!

Handong: We are now the 7 members together, Insomnia thank you for coming from all over Brussels to see us. We have a lot of memories like chocolates! The most beautiful memory is that I saw the Somnia. I would like to see you again soon. Please wait for us! Thank you!

Siyeon: Thank you all for being here. Insomnia I could live a hundred years with your love. Thank you all and we will keep these memories for the rest of our lives from this day. I hope you do too. Thank you, I love you.

Jiu: In my life, it's such a blast to have the Insomnia, I know that Insomnia encourages us with our songs. I think of you all the time too, and thank you again for coming to see us. Thank you!

YooHyeon: Thank you, you are so beautiful, Insomnias from Belgium. I'm so happy that you love us so much. Thank you!

Dami: Belgium is known for waffles. For me, it's charming and I have a sweet image of the Belgians. But today I felt that it was powerful and very warm! Until the end let's burn!"


Nine dates for this beautiful tour, balanced with a real identity! Same setlist from one concert to another, and above all, the same energy and desire to commune with the audience, this Belgian edition was a great success! The unique venue provided a cozy atmosphere, in a room that wasn't so intimate because the audience was so participative! We hope Belgium will host more world tours of Korean artists, and once again welcome DREAMCATCHER!

Thank you to MyMusicTaste and Greenhouse Talent for the accreditation and their trust. Thanks to DREAMCATCHER for this performance. 

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crédit poster, groupe photo : DREAMCATCHER Company + MyMusicTaste

Photos concert : K-Pop Concert Team

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