Rolling Quartz is the emerging female Korean rock group that is capturing attention. Comprising five members, their music is considered an alternative genre in the K-pop scene. Two years after their debut, Rolling Quartz has rapidly become a leading K-rock group in Korea. The members achieved remarkable success after the release of their mini-album "Fighting" last year:

- 23rd place in the global album chart on iTunes

- 5th place in the U.S. rock album chart

- 30th place in the European iTunes album chart

- 47th and 43rd places in the iTunes charts in the UK and Germany, respectively.

The group recently concluded their first U.S. tour in March 2023, playing to sold-out venues, and is now eagerly anticipating their first European tour, kicking off in Paris at Café de la Danse on January 24, 2024!

Rolling Quartz is currently gearing up for the release of a new album scheduled for September 20. European fans will finally get a taste of the energy, determination, and strength of Rolling Quartz."


The Café de la Danse accommodates approximately 500 seats, arranged in a semi-seated or standing configuration, with a compact pit providing excellent visibility of the stage. Tonight, the venue was packed to the brim! To the extent that the audience even occupied the balcony (where the merchandise was located) and the stairs. Visibility was quite good, and the broad stage, occupied by elevated instruments including the drum kit, allowed the band members to move around freely. In terms of sound reproduction, the audio quality was quite good, with clear distinction between vocals and instruments. The lighting effects, primarily transitioning between red and blue, were subtle but sufficient for this type of performance. With a large 'Rolling Quartz' logo on fabric as the sole decoration, minimalism was perfectly suited, especially since the lights tonight were focused on the five musicians!"


One of the undeniable strengths of Rolling Quartz is the charisma of its leader, a true stage presence capable of making you forget anything on this chilly January night. Tonight, we forgot about our daily lives for two hours, immersed in the rock 'n' roll sounds delivered by the incredibly talented quintet that is Rolling Quartz, consisting of Young Eun, Iree, Hyun Jung, Arem, and Ja Young.

As a tribute to Paris and the French audience, the group kicks off with a cover of Johnny Hallyday's "Allumez le feu," a timeless hit from the French-speaking popular repertoire. The touching gesture of singing in the language of the country they are performing in is more than appreciated! This cover immediately sets the tone: rock, vocals, and energy. Because yes, "energy" is indeed the word to describe this group, especially Jayoung, who doesn't hesitate to engage the crowd whenever she can. Due to their youth as a group with a limited discography, featuring an EP (Fighting) and a handful of singles (the new album is in production), covers punctuate the performance here and there. And it must be said that the group has taste; besides The White Stripes and the famous "Seven Nation Army," the band also interprets later in the concert "Burn in the Ground" by Nickelback, a Rock'n'Roll version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," and even Måneskin's "ZITTI E BUONI"! A touch of Nirvana with "Smells Like Teen Spirit," another of Paramore with "Misery Business" – all these covers showcase the extensive talent of the five members and their eclecticism in turning to international titles. Korean artists are not left out, as RQ covers BLACKPINK's "Pink Venom" and, especially, DREAMCATCHER's "GOOD NIGHT," another group appreciated by the French audience that night."


But let's focus on their own songs; Rolling Quartz performed "Higher," "Rock'n'Roll Paradise," "Delight," and "Holler" from the album Fighting. All their tracks fit so seamlessly into this well-balanced setlist, alternating between exhilarating pieces and more tranquil ones! During "Azalea," Jayoung distributed some flowers to the audience. Even "Sing Your Heart Out" (B-side) was sung! Needless to say, the audience was treated to a feast. Moreover, "Blaze," their very first single, was also played, as well as "Fearless," their latest release! The loop was closed.

In terms of stage performance, even though, as mentioned earlier, Jayoung naturally dominated the stage, each member of the group was highlighted, either alone or in solo moments. Starting with the discreet Young Eun on drums, comfortably positioned behind her instrument, who, from time to time, battling her shyness, graced us with lovely hearts. Iree on the right side of the stage didn't hesitate to smile and interact with the audience; occasionally, she came to the center for solos or duets with other band members! The same goes for Arem, with her bass; she was more centered on the stage and, from time to time, engaged in an impressive solo showcasing her mastery. Hyun Jung, on the left, with the guitar, more composed, also sent numerous smiles to the audience, in between solos on her instrument of choice. In summary, five talented musicians who were a pleasure to watch and be with!


A false ending, a true encore— as usual, the group leaves and then returns! In between the spoken segments (talk) where the girls, not sparing in their exchanges, all in very good English, and a few words in French. The girls express how happy they are to be there, and it's evident. These heartfelt messages become even more touching when they return at the end of the concert with the French flag! The final performance wrapped in the tricolor flag, and it's over! A concert where time flew by at an incredible pace!


Excellent organization, affordable prices, a respectful audience, and a perfectly balanced concert between musicality and interaction. We appreciated the versatility of the set-list and the generosity of the group. With such a packed venue, we hope to see them again very soon, with an even larger audience.

Thanks to Los Production for the accreditation and their trust. 

A special thanks to Rolling Quartz for this outstanding performance. 

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Poster crédit + ending Pose : Rolling Quartz

Photos concert : K-Pop Concert Team