Interview with ALICE

This may, we had the chance to interview ALICE for the release of their hit single : SHOWDOWN ! Are you ready ?


Check our focus segment about ALICE ! To know evrything about the band !



Note, for that interview : A.M = Alice Members (one answer for the 5 of them :) )

Please introduce yourselves and share your roles within the group (leader, vocalist, dancer).

ChaeJeong : Hello, I'm ALICE's leader and main dancer, Chae Jung.

E.J : Hello, I'm the adorable E.J., responsible for rap and vocals in the team.

Yu Kyung : Hello, I'm lovely ALICE member Yoo Kyung.

Sohee : Hello, I'm Sohee, in charge of main vocals in ALICE.

Karin : Hello, I'm the cool maknae of ALICE, Karin.

Congratulations on reaching your one-year anniversary since debut with ALICE! How do you feel?

A.M :  It's hard to believe that it's already been a year, time has flown by so quickly! It makes us proud because it's evidence of how hard ALICE have been working!


Can you tell us more about ‘Show Down’, your latest single? 

A.M : 'Show Down' is a song that embodies the determination to walk my own path without being swayed by the world. It's a track that allows us to showcase confidence and honesty. 

What is your favourite song in your entire discography? 

A.M : We really like our debut song : POWER OF LOVE - THE UNIVERSE IN ME.

You had sung on several music Shows, for ‘Show Down’ promotion. It’s awesome to see you stage : do you like to perform on stage? 

A.M : We might appear calm before the start, but we guess it doesn't show much. Once we step onto the stage, we have each others  and BLRIS with me, and we can enjoy it to the fullest. The stage is a happy space for us. 

You were on ‘Seen Festival’ in Kuala Lumpur last january. Do you have any gigs planned in South Korea or in the rest of the world? in festivals? 

A.M : We performed at KCON JAPAN 2023, which was held in Japan. See you in Japan! 


Which artist (korean and international) would you like to do a collab with? 

A.M : There are so many amazing artists out there, so if the opportunity arises, we would like to collaborate with all of them 

You like to dance, to cover and to perform: What is the hardest choreography to learn, in how long? 

A.M : The most challenging choreography we've done was the REACT cover. It required dancing in heels, which added more aspects to consider, and we had limited time to learn it. We remember learning it within just one or two days. 

What is your role model group? 

A.M : There are so many incredible groups out there, making it difficult to choose just one. Instead, we aspire to become a role model group ourselves. 

 Alice members did some photoshoot (STAR1 mag). and are the new muse for VIVIEN brand. Sohee is the muse for Jayjun cosmetic brand. Karin recently did a beautiful cover of IU What do you prefer ? Modelling ? Singing ? Dancing ? What is your favorite thing ever ?

A.M : We enjoy modeling, dancing, and singing equally. We love all three! 


What do you do in your free time? 

A.M : After finishing our schedules and returning to our dorm, there are many things to do. Cleaning, monitoring, and various tasks. Afterward, it feels like we're busy falling asleep. We should make an effort to use our time more efficiently. 

Do you have a Drama or webtoon to recommend to our viewers ?

A.M : The drama we recommend is 'Afterschool War Activities.' 

What is your favourite song now?

 A.M : Our favorite song at the moment is "Graduation" by 10cm. We listen to it a lot. 

Do you enjoy playing video games?

A.M : We enjoy both mobile games and PC games. Recently, we've gotten back into playing Animal Crossing. 


Who is the one who learns the choreography the fastest / slowest ?

A.M : There might be slight differences, but overall, it seems like all the members grasp choreography well. 

Who talks the most?

A.M : It's Chae Jung!

Who eats the most?

Karin : Each member has their own area where they eat well! E.J. enjoys eating deliciously overall, Sohee eats heartily, Chae Jung likes noodles, Yoo Kyung enjoys rice, and I personally like desserts and snacks, haha


K-Pop Concert team Arrives in Seoul, which place do you absolutely recommend? Restaurant, tourist spot, shop? 

A.M : We would recommend Garosu-gil in Sinsa. It's a place where you can enjoy delicious food and do some shopping. 


Any last words for our viewers and your BLRIS? 

ChaeJeong : BLRIS, thank you for being with us during this promotion. Don't get hurt and let's stay strong until the end. I'm always grateful and love you.

E.J. : BLRIS, our forever companions :) I'll say it over and over again until it wears out. Thank you. And I love you a lot.

YuKyung : BLRIS, thank you for being with us during this promotion. Don't get hurt and let's stay strong until the end. I'm always grateful and love you.

Sohee : BLRIS!! I miss you. BLRIS, you're an essential presence in my life! Thank you always. Love you a lot!

Karin : Thank you for loving 'Show Down.' I'll come back with even better songs!

Thanks to ALICE for taking the time to answer all our questions! Thank you SOHEE, YUKYUNG, E,J, CHAE JEONG & KARIN. Thanks to their agency IOK Company.